There are many different approaches to psychotherapy and research shows that one of the essential ingredients for a good outcome is the relationship between the client and the therapist, so it is important to find someone you feel you trust and respect.

I practice humanistic psychotherapy, an approach which draws upon many influences and is characterised by a belief in the unique value of each person and their capacity for development and healing throughout the lifespan. This capacity for change includes the confrontation with our human limitations and the acknowledgement of our physical, psychological, spiritual and social dimensions.

Counselling and psychotherapy are terms that are often used interchangeably. Sometimes counselling is thought of as focusing on solutions to more immediate problems, while psychotherapy can be a longer, deeper look at ‘how I do life and relationships’ in order to make desired changes. In practice you will be helped to express your thoughts and feelings, explore dilemmas, and think through options.

Some clients come back from time to time as a way of ‘coming home’ to themselves.  Having a trusted space to explore, to think, to feel, can be an invaluable way of supporting yourself at a deeper level.

My fee for psychotherapy in Limerick is €60 for one hour appointment.

I am registered with Laya Healthcare to provide adult counselling / therapy - if you are insured with Laya, please contact them directly to check claim eligibility.

Please contact me at 086 2424783 or email to make an appointment.

Lindsay Mitchell